Garrafão PET Brewferm 12L

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BICA 5/16 – 7/16

(não traduzido)

Thick-walled PET demijohns, BPA-free and food-grade. Sturdy and nearly unbreakable. No ribs on the sides, therefore easy to clean, moreover no sediment or yeast to affect the fermentation process.

Also ideal for secondary fermentation of both wine and beer, as well as bulk aging. Safe to reuse over and over, if properly cleaned and sanitised before and after each use.

  • completely taste and odour free
  • stain resistant
  • no side-wall ribs to collect yeast or sediment
  • easy to clean inside and out, due to flat base and no seams
  • impermeable to oxygen
  • Ø neck: 48 mm; fits rubber and silicone stoppers, see accessories below
  • Ø x H: 23.50 x 40 cm
  • individually packed in a cardboard box
  • model with pre-mounted, removable tap, mounted at 5 cm from the bottom
  • spigot wrench to easily remove and remount taps optionally available, see accessories below

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